Fix & Flip Programs

Seize the next opportunity to fix and flip a property for profit by applying for our fast, flexible hard money loans. Our loans are available all over Washington at up to 100% of the purchase price of the property.

To explore our Fix & Flip Programs and kickstart your next project, contact us at (425) 677-4107. Let’s turn your fixer-upper dreams into a lucrative reality!

How Do Our Fix & Flip Loan Programs Work?

Pacific Northwest Capital Partners’ Fix & Flip loans empower real estate investors with property renovation projects. These programs offer a strategic opportunity to complete projects with financial confidence.

Our Fix & Flip programs cover up to 100% of the purchase price with competitive rates! Flippers can finance the entire investment property and renovation cost, allowing for more significant investments in renovations and enhancements to maximize the property’s value.

Bridge loan rates and terms depend on a combination of elements, including Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio, FICO score, and level of expertise. If you need a short-term loan with no prepayment penalty, PNWCP is your go-to flip lender.

What Types of Fix and Flip Projects Are Eligible?

Our Fix and Flip Loan Programs cater to diverse property types. Our construction loan programs are designed to fuel transformations across various real estate categories, from distressed houses to rundown commercial properties needing a facelift.

Whether it’s residential properties, multi-family buildings, flip properties, single-family, rental properties, or even land ready for development, if it aligns with a business purpose and isn’t an owner-occupied primary residence, it’s likely eligible for our fix and flip financing.
We provide purchase and rehab costs with customized loan amounts, down payments, and other advantages over traditional bank loans.

Connect with us today to discuss the specifics of your Fix and Flip projects and discover how our tailored loan programs can help you.

Why Choose Pacific Northwest Capital Partners for Fix and Flip Projects?

Fast Decisions

We understand the urgency in securing funds for fix and flip projects. Our streamlined process ensures rapid decision, which allows borrowers to obtain approvals swiftly, often within days.

Our fast decisions allow borrowers to act quickly, capitalize on favorable market conditions, and secure prime properties before competitors.

Equity Considered Over Credit

Instead of solely relying on credit scores, we prioritize the property’s value. Even those with less-than-ideal credit scores can secure financing for their Fix and Flip projects.

Flexible Amounts Up To $15 Million

Accessing substantial funds opens doors to seize lucrative opportunities in the real estate market. Borrowers can capitalize on potential high-yield projects, enhance properties extensively, and maximize their real estate investment potential.

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