Ground-Up Construction & Construction Completion Loans

Secure the funds you need to finish (or launch) construction projects from Pacific Northwest Capital Partners. Our clients have seen their projects to completion with our tailored Ground-Up Construction Loans and Construction Completion Loans across Washington State. 

Our lending solutions cater to your needs to ensure seamless progress from start to finish. To learn more about our tailored loan programs or to start your application process, contact us at (425) 677-4107.

How Do These Loans Work?

Ground-Up Construction Loans

Ground-up construction loans are a specialized financial tool that provides the crucial capital required to initiate your ambitious business project. It could be a state-of-the-art commercial property, a residential development, a condo, or a groundbreaking office space. At Pacific Northwest Capital Partners, we’ve facilitated a number of ventures, assisting entrepreneurs, general contractors, developers, and real estate investors in completing their projects. 

Past Projects

$1,290,000– Queen Anne Rehab Loan: PNWCP provided 100% of the purchase price.

$2,550,000 – Luxury Homes Ground-Up Construction Project: Went into supporting the development of three magnificent residences with prime golf course frontage in Suncadia.

$690,000.00 – Olympia Land Purchase: We supported the acquisition of 6 acres zoned for multifamily use adjacent to Interstate 5 in Olympia.

Construction Completion Loans

These are designed to bridge the gap between the final stages of a project and its successful completion. They offer borrowers the necessary financial resources to cover remaining construction expenses, finalize last-minute touches, and ensure that the project reaches its full potential without any financial constraints.

Past Projects

$210,000.00– Aberdeen 12-Unit Apartment Complex Refinance: Our loan amount included $35,000 for building renovations in Aberdeen, which enhanced the value and functionality of the property.

$263,000.00 – Tacoma Commercial Rehab/Construction Completion Project: We supported the development of 10 apartments upstairs and three commercial spaces downstairs in Tacoma.

$109,000 – Bank-Owned Marysville Single-Family Residence: We funded 100% of the purchase price, closing costs, and $14,000 in rehab/construction costs. PNWCP took the first position on the subject property, enabling the completion of the flip without any out-of-pocket expenses.

What Types of Construction Projects Are Considered?

Does your project fit the bill? Pacific Northwest Capital Partners casts a wide net regarding eligible construction ventures in Washington. These include boutique hotels, commercial spaces, residential developments, investment properties, multifamily units, rental properties, “shovel-ready” projects, and more.

If your project has a business purpose and isn’t an owner-occupied primary residence, chances are good that it’s the kind of project we can support with hard money loans.

Why Choose Pacific Northwest Capital Partners for Ground-Up Construction & Construction Completion Loans?

Hard Money Loans

1. Flexibility in approval: Hard money types of loans often prioritize the value of the property over the borrower’s credit score. This means that borrowers with unique or complex financial situations have a higher chance of approval.

2. Quick access to construction funds: At PNWCP, our streamlined loan processes ensure efficient funding and minimal delays.

3. Tailored financing solutions: We understand that each project is unique. Borrowers get a construction financing package tailored to their specific needs.

Interest Only Payments

1. Lower initial payments: Interest-only payments allow borrowers to pay solely the interest accrued on the loan for a specified period. An interest-only draw schedule will result in lower monthly payments than traditional principal and interest rate payments or conventional mortgages.

2. Flexibility in budgeting: They have a predictable payment structure during the interest-only period. Borrowers can budget effectively without sudden fluctuations.

3. Enhanced cash flow: By paying only the interest option, borrowers can free up cash flow during the initial stages of the project.

Flexible Loan Terms

1. Adaptability to changing circumstances: Borrowers can adapt to unforeseen changes or opportunities during their construction with flexible terms.

2. Customized repayment structures: Borrowers can tailor repayment schedules to align with their project milestones and cash flow.

3. Mitigated financial pressure: Our loans can bring breathing room to your project, especially during project phases that might experience fluctuations in revenue or unexpected expenses.

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